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Global Commercial Investment Tops $788 Billion, New York Top Market


According to Cushman & Wakefield's newly released 'Winning in Growth Cities' report, New York attracted the most commercial real estate investment during the last year as the global real estate investment market saw volumes increase by 17.2% to $788 billion. While a number of cities still dominate, activity is spreading to an increased number of global markets as investors relax their risk tolerance. New York saw $55.4 billion invested in the year to Q2 2014 - this equates to 7% of global market share. London, which registered $47.3 billion of investment, closed the gap on New York thanks to a 40.5% increase in activity; it is also the largest global market for cross-border investors. Tokyo ($35.5 billion) reclaims third position from Los Angeles ($33.1 billion) which drops into fourth, while San Francisco completes the top five ranked cities with $23.8 billion invested. C & W Report Highlights include:

  • New York is the world's largest real estate investment market for the fourth consecutive year - volumes rose 10.9% to $55.4 billion in the year to Q2 2014.

  • Second-placed London closes the gap on New York with a 40.5% increase in investment activity; it is also the largest global market for cross-border investors.

  • Tokyo reclaims third position in the ranking from Los Angeles with a strong 30.4% investment increase.

  • Global flows of capital reached $788 billion in the 12 months to Q2 2014, a 17.2% increase on the previous year.

  • Cross-border investors drove the market higher with a 39% increase compared to 11% growth amongst domestic buyers.

Cushman & Wakefield's International CEO, Carlo Barel di Sant'Albano said, "Competition, growth and change will bring forth more new global winners. While gateway cities remain a primary focus for investors, interest in a broader spread of locations is increasingly apparent due to improved confidence and finance availability as well as a lack of supply in core cities. Risk appetites have expanded in the US and buyers in Europe and Asia are following suit, particularly where local partners can be found. - See more at:


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