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Batman and Catwoman Scale Melbourne's Tallest Building for Charity

MELBOURNE — School kids gathered in the observation deck of Melbourne's Eureka Tower were set for a surreal experience on Wednesday, as superheroes Batman and Catwoman scaled the city's tallest building to bring some of their iconic action sequences to life.

Stunt-specialists Chris and Rowena Davies were suspended from above, using ropes and pulleys to float and crawl their way across the tower's upper levels, as the children watched on from behind the safety of thick glass windows.

The Eureka Tower is Melbourne's tallest building, standing at 297.3 metres and located in Southbank.

The death-defying spectacle was performed to promote the launch of Super Boss Day, a fundraising campaign run by Australian charity Heartkids which offers support to sufferers of childhood heart disease and their families.

"It's a new fundraising campaign to get workplaces involved in the fun," Norm Hutton, CEO of Heartkids Victoria, told Mashable. "People have the chance to dob in their bosses who then can donate a certain amount of money to the cause, and come to work dressed as their favourite superhero on the 19th of February."

According to Heartkids, six babies are born with a heart defect every day in Australia, with childhood heart disease one of the leading causes of death in children under the age of one.

The charity is aiming to increase awareness of what it describes as a global issue, and it is certainly putting in a superhuman effort thus far.


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