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Microsoft to hold January Windows 10 event ahead of fall launch

Microsoft is moving closer to launching Windows 10.

Invitations to a Windows 10 press and analyst event slated for Jan. 21 at the company's headquarters in Redmond, Washington, arrived on Thursday.

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The invitation comes a day after Microsoft COO Kevin Turner reportedly told Nikkei that users can expect Windows 10 to launch "early next fall." The company has yet to confirm an actual release date, but Turner's comments are in line with what Microsoft executives previously said about a "late 2015" launch.


Exactly what will be announced at the January event isn't clear, but Microsoft will likely focus more heavily on the consumer strategy for its nearly 30-year-old brand. Microsoft's Windows 10 announcement in September was widely regarded as a business-focused event.

Following that launch event in San Francisco, Microsoft released a widely-downloadedpreview version, but many details about the final version of Windows 10 remain unclear.

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