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La Perla Celebrating Christmas giving love to those in need.

La Perla means pearl, and when you think about the meaning it should be shiny and beautiful, and a one and only created. In San Juan Puerto Rico, this is a place where the less fortunate live whithin places that you wouldnt imagine exist in this times.

Chago or Santiago is the leader of this Special community. He grew up there and is pushing hard against the bad to make it a safer and better places to kids and families that live there.Sports activities and fundraisers for the kids are organize by him.

With Jose Martinez and Regalo de Amor (Gift of love) they are giving to the less fortunate food and toys for families that cannot afford it, so they can celebrate and have a wonderful Christmas.

Mr. Norberto Gonzalez is one of the families in a great need.

A lady with her kids, also another family blessed this night. This years they will have a Happy Christmas.

Our kids from Wesleyan academy are learning than giving is better than receive. This time help others fullfill their dreams and happiness, because thats is the real meaning of Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone.

About La Perla

La Perla is a historical community astride the northern historic city wall of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, stretching about 650 yards (600 m) along the rocky Atlantic coast immediately east of the Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery and down the slope from (north of) Calle Norzagaray.

La Perla was established in the late 19th century. Initially, the area was the site of a slaughterhouse because the law required them and homes of former slaves and homeless non-white servants – as well as cemeteries – to be established away from the main community center; in this case, outside the city walls. Sometime after, some of the farmers and workers started living around the slaughterhouse and shortly established their houses there.

Local Salsa and Hip Hop concerts are held each week with the intention of shedding the historically bad image of the community. Art shows and an oceanfront community arts-and-crafts fair occur yearly.

Only three access points exist, one through the "Santa Maria Magdalena Cemetery", one on the east side and one through a walkway right in the center of the northern wall.

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