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5 Essential Gadgets for Your Weekend on the Water

t's time to take inventory of your weekend water essentials.

While neon floaties and a Rambo-esque Super Soaker might have cut it in your teenage years, you as an adult need a more cutting-edge arsenal of water tech.

High-tech gadgets aren't limited to traditional water activities such as fishing or boating, though. Whether you're a kiteboarder, wakeboarder or recreational beachgoer, there are a slew of gadgets to help you get the most out of your aquatic enterprise.

Here are 15 grown-up toys to jumpstart your next weekend on the water.

1. Bring a waterproof tablet to the beach


2. Put on a waterproof radio helmet for better water sport communication

Water sport enthusiasts know all too well that a boat engine's whirr can drown out important instructions from instructors or teammates. While you can try to work around the problem by bringing a radio headset into the water with you, in the past, such gadgets haven't been waterproof.

3. Turn your smartphone into a data-filled dive computer


4. Grill the afternoon away on a specially engineered barbecue boat

You’ve hit the high seas and reeled in some fantastic flounder. Suddenly, though, hunger hits, and you don’t want to wait until you’re back on land to cook your catch. While you can always take out the Foreman and grill on the spot, you'd prefer to savor the taste of your fare with a full barbecue experience.

5. Use a GoPro to record your kiteboarding spree


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