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My pick: Axis Camera Companion

  • Excellent HDTV image quality

  • Easy to install and use

  • No central PC or DVR needed

  • Remote and wireless access to video

  • Viewing apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

  • Scalable and future-proof

Perfect video surveillance for retail stores, hotels and offices

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AXIS Camera Companion is the market’s easiest video surveillance solution for small systems up to 16 cameras. It offers future-proof IP advantages such as superb digital HDTV image quality. The system consists of standard Axis cameras, SD cards, software clients for PC and smartphones, and standard network equipment. The software has extensive language support.

Direct access to HDTV image quality

Mobile access

Download: Viewing apps for mobile devices

AXIS Camera Companion delivers crisp, clear HDTV image quality, for reliable identification of people and incidents. It is easy to access the system over the Internet to view live or recorded video from home or from another site. With its PC client, as well as viewing apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, AXIS Camera Companion lets you view video at any time – from anywhere.

A 64 Gbyte SD-card typically stores more than a month of video. More details: Edge storage

A cost-efficient, robust system

The free AXIS Camera Companion software client only needs to be used at installation. For viewing live or recorded video, or exporting video after an incident, either the client or a smartphone app can be used. With AXIS Camera Companion, all video is recorded on SD memory cards in the cameras. No central DVR, NVR, PC or server is necessary – making each camera a smart, independent video recording device!

AXIS Camera Companion removes the single-point of failure which is common in alternative solutions where a DVR failure prevents all cameras to be recorded. The cameras in an AXIS Camera Companion system record video regardless of the network status.


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