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Using Faith and Walking In Your Authority

So many faith based people cry out to God every day asking for help, crying out as if they are powerless to do anything and they are being attacked left and right.... and God answers from heaven and says, "Walk in your authority!"

It is utterly shocking to me how many people who claim they believe in God and heaven do not understand that they have power from heaven and they are not to be victims in the earth. We are called to subdue evil and impact culture. We are positioned to make a difference. We are positioned in the earth as God's representatives to be a blessing to all mankind and to change things, help out, take authority and make a difference.

We are all given God's DNA when we are transferred from darkness into light. We have been born again, and we are no longer dead, struggling and impotent. We are powerful! Walk in your God-given authority and be a blessing to everyone around you.

When you are at work, make a difference. Be the best representative of God that you can be. Make an impact. Be willing to pray for people. If they don’t want prayer, pray quietly and love them.

I don’t understand how so many people who claim to have power in God live a powerless life. Could it be that we have so many issues with authority that we refuse to walk in what God has given us?

When a doctor goes to school and earns his degree, he is given authority – permission -- to take care of sick people. If he becomes a surgeon, after a rigorous near-death experience called an internship, he is now given the authority and permission to operate. If he wants to become one of the best in his field, he will exercise his authority over and over again. His authority will save lives, make an impact and change the way all surgeons do things.

Imagine if we, who walk in faith at work, made such a big impact that we are no longer rejected by the secular marketplace for our religious obnoxiousness but we literally made such an impact that lives were changed and people asked for our help.

To walk in authority, it is imperative that you know who you are.

If we don’t know who are, we’ll never walk in our power. I know what it’s like to be very successful in business, yet I still struggle with the power and authority that I have acquired by my 18 years of experience. Face it, when you become very successful some people aren’t going to be happy. Bosses are hated, manipulated and lied about all over the world! So be prepared, if you’re going to walk in authority, and you’re going to create jobs where there were none, some people will not be happy. Ironically, the very ones you provide jobs for might hate you. Get over it. Walk in your authority.

To walk in authority is responsibility. It can be very intimidating…and even terrifying. A neurosurgeon who opens up a brain for the first time knows he can do the work, help a dying person with a tumor, but there is fear because of lack of tangible experience. But as the skull is cut, the flap over the brain pulled back, and the tumor exposed, authority and power must step in. Masterful extraction of the tumor must be done. And here’s the clincher: The more the surgeon does the process, the better he will get at his craft.

The same should be true about us, the people who claim to walk in faith at work.

The first time you pray for someone in the secular world, there will always be someone who is angry, threatened or upset. There will be voices inside of your head that say, “You can’t do this. Who do you think you are?” But love must be our compelling force. Love must be our aim. We don’t need to be obnoxious. We just need to love and believe. Love someone enough to pray with them, walk in your God-given authority and be a blessing.

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