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Here's what an Apple drone might look like

Many major tech companies are eyeing drones — Amazon, Google and even Facebook. It's unclear at this point whether Apple wants in, too, but one designer has envisioned what the company's version of a drone might look like if it ever launched one. German designer Eric Huisman mocked up a sleek drone concept called the Apple Quadcopter, which has a minimalistic black-and-white design. It's very, well, Apple. SEE ALSO: From Gym to Board Room: All 34 Apple Watch Designs in One Place In a series of photos posted to his website, which are stylized to look like Apple's traditional promotional pictures, the company's iconic logo sits in the middle of a slightly curved body, an element that Huisman says will support its many built-in cameras.

IMAGE: QUADCOPTER.ORG, ERIC HUISMAN Similar to a typical quadcopter, the Apple drone has four rotors and four cameras that can shoot still and panoramic photos (up to 100MP). The concept, which was first spotted by CNET, also incorporates 4K video functionality and built-in image stabilization so pictures aren't blurred. Footage could also be streamed in real time to sites like YouTube. Footage could also be streamed in real time to sites like YouTube. The concept comes as drones in the tech industry are rising. In late 2013, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced a service called Amazon Prime Air, which would bring flying robot drones to our doorsteps as early as 2015. Amazon's drones, which recently received approval from the FAA to begin testing under certain restrictions, aims to deliver products to customers at home or businesses in about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, Google is getting closer to sending solar-powered drones into the sky in an attempt to bring web connectivity to some of the 4 billion people without Internet access worldwide. The drones will hover above specific regions and provide connectivity to the locations below. Facebook is also building drones and lasers to get more of the global population online.

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