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The Importance of prevention at a Fire Station

Prevention of fires and accidents starts with little kids everyday. When my niece was ask for his next birthday, he request to be at a NY Firestation. He always dream big so his request was accomplish.

The Sargeant in charge Mr. Febres decide to open the firestation and all start as educational class for all the invitees.

Salvador was so excited as me. All kids parents and family were having a blast birthday like never, and all learn how to fight in case of a fire.

They were train by real firefighters, and show them all the equipment use in a real fire. Amazing how heavy is the equipment over 40 pounds and how this guys risk their lives everyday to save others.

Finally, he is so funny that the firefighters decide to show them inside the truck, have a short ride and sound the sirens. Kids where having the time of their life.

All of them after the short ride have a surpise, using the firehoses and finally all get wet by the firefighters.Finally a 1940 firetruck. We all have the time of our life learning. Have you have a time with your family? Share with us.

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