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Check this 3 Places I like to Visit before retire

1. Mallorca Spain has earned itself a global reputation for being outright gorgeous. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that this island is pure eye candy. The awe inspiring isle has an antique train that visitors can ride. It also has shows involving dolphins and sea-lions for its visitors. Mallorca also has a very rich culture for visitors to sample.

2. The Pyramids of Giza

These superstructures stand on the banks of the Nile River. The perfect symmetrical behemoths stand as an act of defiance. One of the pyramids, The Great Pyramid, is the oldest and the largest of the pyramids, it is touted as the last of the seven wonders of the ancient world that is still standing.

3. The Taj Mahal With an annual visitor number of three million, this white marble monument was built in a period of fifteen years by an emperor known as Shah Jahan to act as a memorial to Mumtaz Mahal, his wife who died in childbirth. It sits on a three acre site found on the Yamuna River in the Northern Indian city of Agra.

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