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The coolest car tech at the New York Auto Show

NEW YORK — Everyone wants to talk about automated vehicles — those that self drive, park and take the guesswork out of commutes — but we're still a bit away from those features hitting the mainstream.

That doesn't mean, however, that futuristic, emerging technology is at a standstill. Smart technology was out in full force at the New York Auto Show, reminding us that smaller yet advanced features can have a powerful impact on our lives behind the wheel.

Considering one in five fatal crashes are related to drowsy driving, Nissan's drowsy alert feature knows when you're about to fall asleep at the wheel and quickly wakes you up.

When the car detects unusual behavior related to how the driver handles the wheel — like when they stop making small corrections to the steering wheel or slow down their movements all together — the dashboard pushes out an audio and visual alert that says, "Take a Break?"

Lincoln promises that its Continental will return with a few high-tech bells and whistles. While the company wasn't specific with details, it said there will be built-in laptop trays featured in the backseat of the vehicle.

Toyota had one of the most high-tech exhibits at the New York Auto Show, thanks to its F1 simulator. While the F1 stunning concept car won't hit the road anytime soon, it set up a way for attendees to get a feel for what it would be like to drive such a high-performing vehicle.

The pre-collision tech allows the car to sense if someone is in front of the vehicle and to automatically break. This builds on a concept that Volvo has already been using for years.

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