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See the stunning imagery delivered by the newest NEC UHD 65” Display

NEC is ushering in a new era of visual experience with the 65" X651UHD. The display sets new standards in image size and quality with an 65" canvas with UHD (3840 x2160) resolution. State of the art innovation delivers 24/7 runtimes with high end components and LED backlighting. Ideal for any industrial application, from control rooms to conferencing to life size digital signage.

X651UHD benefits: • Stunning imagery delived by an LED edge lit backlit UHD S-IPS panel • Enhanced image performance with advanced settings of all relevant visual parameters for full control of brightness, color, gamma and uniformity via Spectraview Engine • Reliable color reproduction with 10-bit color and amazing viewing angles • New Multi Picture Mode feature allows for up to 4 simultaneous images to be displayed and manipulated at once.

For more info Contact us at 7872036503

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