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Its all about Lily, A little Angel

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After a working day and without planing, I get together with one of my best friends, his family and Lily. You probably ask who is Lily. She is my best friends daughter and a little Angel of 3 years old.

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She is full of love and Happiness like, no other kid. After spending time talking to her,playing and drawing in my Ipad, I start to think about the simple things in life.


She make me this draw that I will always keep as a memory of that day with her. She was so happy, and I was so honor that you can see my happiness too.

photo 3_edited.JPG

I was thinking about her future, and wishing that God give her a healthy life and endless love like she gave me that day. I feel so proud to know her, that I like to honor her today. Are you honoring someone in your life? Let us know...

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