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Chinese Billionaire Treats 6,400 Employees to a Free Vacation in France

Every worker in the world wants Li Jinyuan to be their boss right now and once you hear all about why, you’ll never look at your boss the same. Guaranteed.

The billionaire CEO of Tiens Group Company, a Tianjin, China-based global pharmaceutical conglomerate, just thanked his employees for their service in a beyond epic way. No, he didn’t take them out for a night on the town, drinks included. He didn’t give them all a day off for no reason. Nope. No fat paycheck bonuses either. Jinyuan, apparently quite the jolly good fellow, treated 6,400 of his staffers to an all expenses-paid, four-day dream trip to France.

The proof is in the envy-inducing not so humblebrag pics, all of which are positively magnifique. Get a good look at them here and don’t forget to pick up your jaw when you’re done ogling.

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The benevolent 57-year-old tycoon, who apparently possesses a limitless expense account or who perhaps sprung for the trip from his own ample stash, booked 140 hotels for his lucky workers in Paris. There, happily dans La Ville d'Amour, they took in the city’s top sights and very best eats. Then the merry revelers journeyed onward, to the enchanting seaside cities of Monaco and Cannes, where Jinyuan opened his wallet wide again, this time springing for a combined 4,760 rooms in 79 four- and five-star hotels.

French media pegged the cost of the trip at somewhere between $14.5 million and $22.3 million, the Associated Press reported


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Not one to go gently into that dreaded holiday au revoir, Jinyuan wrapped up the whirlwind fantasy-come-true vacation with a bang. The big finish of the best employee gift ever unfurled last Friday in the form of a world record-smashing human chain that his smiling charges gleefully formed in the picturesque Cote D’Azur city of Nice. Their bodies spelled out the phrase "Tiens' dream is Nice in the Cote d'Azur." Talk about making memories to last a lifetime (and to drum up some sweet, positive company press, too). What was the special occasion -- the reason for the over-the-top splurge -- you might wonder? Oh, just the Tiens Group Company’s 20th anniversary. No big deal. Ah, la bonne vie! Must be nice.

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