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GoPro Hero 4 Session is the tiniest GoPro ever and I absolutely love it

Repeat after me: Smallest. GoPro. Ever.

The new Hero 4 Session is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than GoPro's flagship Hero 4 Black. The $399 cube-shaped camera reminds me a lot of the Polaroid Cube, another tiny cubed action camera. The two cameras may share a similar size and shape, but that's where the similarities stop.

The Session is superior in every possible way: It has the high-quality HD video recording you expect from a GoPro and a new dual-microphone system for the best sound out of any GoPro. The Session's sealed design also means it's waterproof up to 33 feet without needing a waterproof case the way other GoPros do.

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Eleven years ago, the very first GoPro Hero was released. Did you know it was a 35mm film camera with a waterproof housing that cost $150,000?

When Nick Woodman started GoPro in 2002, he didn't expect the company to IPO one day at a $3 billion valuation. He, like all guys with an idea, just wanted to build cool stuff that he wanted to use.

And build he did. A decade of research and development, and numerous GoPro Hero camera launches later, the company's now built its smallest GoPro action camera.

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