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A smartwatch that lets you talk to your car

By Adario Strange

LAS VEGAS — Audi's plans to aid the race to make self-driving cars the norm are well known by now, but on Tuesday the company unleashed a new surprise with a decidedly secret agent-style twist — a smartwatch to control your car. When Audi's team took to the stage, led by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, an Audi board member for technical development, no one expected the company to announce a wearable, but the reception to it was mostly positive.


Tied directly to Audi's piloted driving A7 prototype, the wearable allows the driver to communicate with the car. Based on the presentation, one of the device's functions will be to unlock the car. However, it's unclear whether that wearable device communication will include things such as controlling the vehicle's engine, windows, temperature and the like.

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