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Are You Working for your Biggest Dream for 2015?

What is the biggest dream you have for yourself in 2015? Is it to travel the world? Is it to be the first person in your family to attend college? Or it is to get a big promotion at work or even start your own business?

For many of us, these dreams remain just dreams. But for others, these dreams are fuel to build a better life or career. In a recent Mashable Spotlight piece, writer Gili Malinsky chronicled New York food vendor Thiru Kumar, better known as the Dosa Man, who opened a tiny food cart in 2001, and has built it into an amazing culinary success.

In the story, Malinsky writes: "Kumar’s story is that of the American dream: An immigrant moves to New York City and makes it big with an idea. But Kumar’s story is also very much his own, that of a man who wanted to do things differently, a man ready to charge toward even the biggest challenges."

Dreams are one thing. But following those dreams through all the challenges and setbacks is another. Inspired by this piece, we asked the Mashable community what their biggest dreams are and also how they are going about attaining these goals.

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