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There's already a tent out the front of Sydney's Apple Store

Australians don't take their position as the first in the world to receive Apple products lightly.

Take the man sleeping inside this tent outside the Sydney Apple store, which was captured on Tuesday night and tweeted by Australian CNET reporter Seamus Byr

Lindsay Handmer, who Mashable Australia confirmed is behind the startup website, will be the first in the world to secure the new Apple products if all goes to plan. Two new iPhones and a range of other products are expected to be announced at Apple's event in San Francisco on Wednesday.

While waiting for the latest gadgets to land, the unidentified founder also hopes to raise A$5000 for Mission Australia, a charity that helps the homeless population in Australia.

"As we all salivate over the latest technology, let's not forget about those in need. Support Mission Australia helping the homeless while waiting (impatiently) for the latest iPhone!" Handmer wrote on the crowdfunding campaign's website.

The tent dwellers' dedication to his company's cause is evident by the fact that Apple has not yet even announced the products it is releasing, let alone the local release date. So Handmer's in for a very long wait, with new iPhones normally released the Friday after the announcement — meaning Sept. 18.

The green and silver tent is set up on the pavement outside the flagship Apple store on Sydney's George Street and it has the company's logo on the front. It is clear the company, which is to buy and sell second-hand tech products, is out for some next-level publicity.

"I had a dream. A dream of a little website to call my own, where all were welcome to buy and sell their spare technology and gadgets," the founder wrote on the company's website. "But how could I promote it and get the word out? The upcoming 19th of Sep (hopefully!) Apple launch seemed ideal, with people needing to sell off old models to afford the upgrade."

Publicity stunts like this do not mean a company is making the right moves, though. The company, Alphatise, that had its staff line up first for the iPhone 6 in September last year, generating substantial buzz around the world, collapsed just months later. It restructured and launched again in July 2015.

Handmer may get his hands on the latest Apple gadgets first in the world, but it can be a long, cold sleep-out worth very little at the end of the day. In good news, at least he is doing the hard yards for charity as well.

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