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Apple's rose gold is the new pink

You guys. We're getting a pink iPhone. Alright, technically, Apple calls the color rose gold — but after looking at it in person, I'm just going to say it: It's pink.

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Rose gold is the newest aluminum color Apple is adding to its repertoire. Following in the footsteps of space gray, silver, and gold, rose gold continues the tradition of adding more color to the Apple lineup.

In addition to offering the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in rose gold, Apple is also offering the Apple Watch Sport in rose gold. And granted, there are certainly golden aspects of this color, the but rose is very rose.

Let's put it this way,

if Apple's traditional gold color can be likened to champagne, the rose gold is rosé

if Apple's traditional gold color can be likened to champagne, the rose gold is rosé.

Speaking as a huge fan of pink, I heartily approve. When done well, I like pink tech products. After waiting months for the soft pink modern buckle Apple Watch band, I'm thrilled that I'll be able to accompany it with a rose gold phone.

What's in a name

Still, I can't help but wonder if Apple has chosen the name "rose gold" instead of "rose" or "pink" as a way to offset any criticism it might get for putting out a pink phone.

It's silly and stupid, but pink is still seen by many as an overtly feminine color. Never mind the fact that plenty of men wear pink — and wear it well — pink is for the ladies.

I might be reaching, but it strikes me that a great way of avoiding criticism for coming out with a phone in a "girly" color — as well as a way to not tailor the sales of rose gold solely to women — is to name it "rose gold."

It's also true that naming a color "rose gold" makes it sound a lot more luxurious than calling it pink. Even if it is totally pink.

I think it will work. It's no secret that gold is huge in Asia. But you know what color is also huge? Pink.

And an iPhone in a pinkish gold color is an iPhone that is going to fly off of shelves.

What's next

I'm kind of loving this return to color from Apple. The colors are more subtle and grown up than in the old iPod mini and iMac days (the iPod touch and iPod nano line still comes in great anodized aluminum colors), but I'm glad to see Apple coming back from simply being bead-blasted aluminum.

What's interesting is that Apple's latest approach seems aimed at luxury and connoting status — as opposed to whimsy and fun. With the darker space gray, and the standard silver, the colors are unassuming and professional. With gold and rose gold, it feels high-end. It feels premium.

It also feels fashionable. And let's face it, fashion matters. When a smartphone is a device you use more than any other — something you pull out hundreds of times in a day — being fashionable matters.

And that's why I hope I can get the new MacBook in rose gold later this year.

It's also why I'll be pre-ordering my iPhone 6S in rose gold on Saturday.

But even if Apple insists on calling it rose gold — I'm going to proudly call it my pink iPhone. Because, come on. This is totally a pink iPhone.

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