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Apple unveils news Apple Watch band colors, Hermes collection

When the Apple Watch was first unveiled, the company made much of the device's bands as important accessories, pushing Apple into the world of fashion.

On Wednesday, Apple took the wraps off a brand new set of Apple Watch bands designed to expand the style-centric allure of the company's first wearable.

We got a sneak peek at some of Apple's ideas for future Apple Watch bands during an exclusive event in Europe back in April. Back then, Apple teased unannounced band colors including what appeared to be purple, yellow, red and a lighter shade of pink.

In addition to the new colors, Hermes has teamed with Apple to release a special line of Apple Watch bands, the Single Tour, Double Tour and Cuff. The Double Tour wraps around your wrist twice, the Single Tour is a standard wrist band and the Double Tour offers a more elaborate look, all three come in supple brown leather with white stitching.

And it turns out that the early preview of the Product Red band was on the money, as that band is part of the new offering as well.

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