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Porsche World Roadshow a Lifetime Experience

It was Friday morning, and I received the invitation to run and test the best of the best from Porsche Puerto Rico.

The World Roadshow is by invitation event that Porsche do every two years Worldwide.

They bring the best pilots from the factory in Germany and 22 cars to test by the guests. I had this privilege as my friend and others did.

For warm up they did a breakfast, and a presentation on how the cars work, and took us this pictures in from of this beauty. Lets get ready for the Porsche World Roadshow. What do you think?

We start at 8 am and finish at 4 pm. I test 5 cars which I love.Im getting ready to drive the caramel brown Porsche Carrera S.

In the morning I started driving the Panamera which is a huge car with over 500HP,

Then I switch to a Carrera S in caramel brown , to the blue Carrera 4S Cabriolet my most exciting run at 135MPH,

Then after lunch, I end with the blue Cayman and one dream suv the black Macan which reach 130MPH, I will never forget this experience,

We have great lunch in Cayey Puerto Ric. Finally after a hard work day I received my certification from Porsche World Roadshow showing a high level of driving professionalism.

I recommend this machines if you love the adrenaline and high speed.

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