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Smartech provides One system – many possibilities


One system – many possibilities

Safety of people and property is of utmost importance when it comes to surveillance of commercial buildings. Smartech and Axis network video solutions helps you to secure your workplace no matter how small or large, how many buildings, or what time it is. Keep an eye on your halls, elevators, lobbies, entrances and exits, parking lots, and more – around the clock.

Install it and forget it

Smartech and Axis network video solutions offer benefits such as the ability to use your existing network infrastructure, to monitor many locations remotely or centrally, and to integrate with other intelligent systems – and by doing all this, you optimize your security personnel making more effective use of their time.

Getting a new security system can seem like a hassle; but it doesn´t have to be. Our solutions are flexible and easy to set up and install. You can save time and cut costs by using your existing network infrastructure. There is a minimum amount of cabling which means that surveillance over multiple locations is simple. And should your complex grow, we can grow with you.

Seamless integration with other systems

Wouldn´t it be great if you could not only keep what you already have, but possibly improve it? Smartech and Axis solutions can work together with your other systems and help you to respond to incidents more effectively as a result. Our products integrate easily with building, access and alarm management systems. For instance, you can set up alerts and retrieve video when fire, smoke, or motion detectors are triggered.

You can configure the system to record crisp, clear HDTV video of any individual using an access card or opening a fire door, or set up the system to automatically detect persons entering secured areas. Whether it’s authorized or unauthorized access, you can ensure positive identification of all individuals on your premises. You get 24/7 monitoring, with fewer security staff.

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