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All those cars James Bond destroyed in 'Spectre' cost $34 million

James Bond is no stranger to wanton destruction... but not on this sort of scale.

007 reportedly destroyed roughly $34 million worth of cars — including seven out of 10 specially-created Aston Martin DB10s — during the filming of the forthcoming Bond film Spectre, according to a report in the Daily Mail

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That is just the tip of the budgetary iceberg, however. The 24th Bond film is said to have cost upward of $303 million to produce, making it the most expensive Bond film to-date.

Particularly costly was the car chase in Rome, in which Bond is being hunted in his Aston up to speeds of 110 mph — in the Vatican — by a villain piloting the Jaguar C-X75 supercar. That scene alone resulted in millions of dollars in cars being written-off.

Then there's the scene in the Alps in which Bond quite literally flies a plane into a villain's modified Land Rover Defender, rendering it a fireball — all without the help of CGI. That one, too, cost a pretty penny to be sure.

Not all cars were sacrificed at the alter of futile demolition, though. Bond's DB10 features an ejector seat, much like that in Sean Connery's DB5 some 51 years ago.

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