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Its Tourday at Cueva del Indio

Located on the coast of Arecibo PR, this is an accessible and well visited maritime limestone cave. Great portion of the cave is actually underwater which is very unique. Here you'll see lots of Taíno petroglyphs engraved on the cave's limestone walls.

Cueva del Indio is more than just the cave, it's a scenic coastal area. Waves hit rare limestone rock formations and seven arches can be seen. These arches are as much as an attraction as the cave itself so hike around. You'll see signs pointing for both the cave and the arches. These trails can be seen on the Island Map.

When getting here, you'll see a sign on the road that says "El Coayuco, La Cueva del Indio, it's a private terrain with a nice kiosk named El Coayuco (has beverages and restrooms).

Many people enjoy to go down to the cave.

We all have a great time in this spectacular site. Enjoy and come visit us.

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