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Migrating from a MacBook to Surface Book? Microsoft is here to help

How's this for cheeky: Microsoft launched a page helping MacBook users migrate to its recently launched laptop, the Surface Book. The nerve of these guys, right?

In fact, it's a logical move by Microsoft, whose 13.5-inch Surface Book is a direct competitor to the 13-inch Macbook Pro — at launch, the company directly compared the two models, claiming its laptop is two times faster than Apple's. Apple has been using similar tactics for years.

So what's on the page? Besides an overview of Windows 10 and Surface Book's basic features, Microsoft offers a set of tips for MacBook users who are making the switch, as well as instructions on how to move your photos, files and emails from a Mac to the Surface Book. Finally, Microsoft explains how to use its laptop with Apple's software — iTunes and iCloud, and gives tips for iPhone owners.

While this is another show of Microsoft's newly found confidence — after all, the Surface Book has been getting stellar reviews (here's ours), and it's Microsoft's first laptop ever — in a way, it says a thing or two about Apple's strength as well. Though loved by many, Apple computers have typically had a small global market share, and it was Apple who set up instructions on how to switch to a Mac. Now, at least when premium 13-inch laptops are concerned, the tables have turned.

The Surface Book is a laptop/tablet hybrid that starts at $1,499 and goes all the way up to $3,199, fully specced. It has a 13.5-inch touchscreen display, and comes with a range of Intel Core processors, 8GB to 16GB of memory, and, in some configurations, a discrete GPU unit.

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