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Treat Others Like You like to be Treated

Every day is new, and with them comes new opportunities. Love is the most powerful way of expression. You deserve to be treated, the same way you treat your family, friends, coworkers, partners and who ever you have relationships.

In social media many of us are connected with friends and business contacts. Many of them will look at you as a person to follow base on your professional position or your level of expertise.

Many of them will contact you to become your contact and also will aproach you for a business opportunities. In that case, treat them like you like to be treated. Respect and Courtesy are simple to express. As Entrepreneur, I receive so many contacts and opportunities, and I always treat them like I like to be treated.

I always remember where I come from, and when I startup who lend me a hand, and because of that Who Iam.

When you want to receive and increase in business you have to give others first. This is a biblical principle. Today I encourage you to start help others no matter how simple might look. I promise you that You will receive double every day, and Will be Treated like You Treat Others.

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