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These Honda Grom Scrambler Concepts Are Perfect and We Love Them

The Tokyo Motor Show will soon be upon us. That’s where Japanese automakers really get their kicks, rolling out all variety of neat metal on home turf. If Mazda or Toyota or Nissan is going to drop a big concept release, it’ll be here, on Oct. 29. To wit, the first Tokyo Motor Show news this year comes from Honda. Except it’s small. Really, really small.

These are the Honda Grom 50 Scrambler concepts. They’re a couple of scooters with retro styling and a dollop of off-road flare. Each packs 50cc of displacement, less than half that of the regular Grom’s air-cooled lump. In the spirit of minimalism, their names are simple: The silver thing is called “Grom Scrambler Concept One,” the green “Grom Scrambler Concept Two.” And you’d look like a circus bear reenacting The Great Escape riding either. So they’re perfect, basically.

We love minibikes. We are suckers for nostalgia. No word on whether Honda will put these little guys into production, either as standalone models or a trim level, but you can bet our fingers are crossed.

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