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Bentley SUV offers optional $170,000 clock

The recently-unveiled Bentley Bentayga SUV is now the first word in luxurious, high-riding motoring. More than that, it is also now the first word in opulent optional extras, as it offers a Breitling clock in the dash that alone costs $170,000.

The timepiece in question is no Casio. It's called the Mulliner Tourbillon, and its 28mm case is machined from 18 carat gold — either rose or white. Beneath that lies a dial — in either natural, black ebony, or pearl — that has been adorned with 12 diamonds.

Adding to the elegance of the clock, the back of the case has been hollowed out so that the piece can be backlit by natural light.

From the right angle, thanks to the hollow back, onlookers can glimpse the 4mm-thick tourbillon and its titanium cage and the 22-carat gold oscillator.

Mulliner is the most exclusive moniker for the already elite Bentley brand, so it is fitting that it would offer a dash clock that costs just $20,000 shy of the $193,500 asking price of the brand's "entry-level" Continental GT.

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