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What playing Xbox One games and watching Netflix looks like on HoloLens

Here's another reason to get excited for Microsoft HoloLens: Xbox One games and Netflix.

Varun Mani, a program manager working on HoloLens and Windows Holographic posted a video to YouTube showing him streaming Halo 5 from his Xbox One to his TV, pausing the gameplay, and then continuing on HoloLens.

The 34-second video is an impressive demo that should wow anyone who's excited for Microsoft's $3,000 (dev kit) augmented reality headset, but one very real downside not shown is the headset's extremely limited field of view.

As Mashable Games Editor Chelsea Stark said in October: "The lens takes up maybe half of your field of view, sitting in the middle of where you're looking."

HoloLens won't be the only headset that will work with streamed Xbox One games. At E3, Microsoft announced the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset would also support Xbox game streaming.

Miguel Susffalich, the principal software engineer lead on HoloLens, also posted a few videos showing how Netflix works on the headset via the Edge web browser as well as Candy Crush and YouTube videos.

In the YouTube demo, Sussfalich demos how gesture controls work, voice commands, how a projected screen can be "locked" into place on a wall, and how the screen can be enlarged just by saying "make bigger" and using a finger gesture to expand it.

Check 'em all out below:

Netflix on HoloLens:

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