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4 Life Laws of How Important is to Bless Others

Everyday I follow this road no matter how easy or difficult is my schedule, I practice this. Life is full of opportunities you cannot miss.

The first law in life is that all your blessings have to flow to others. The life will teach you, that when you are bless is not for you to feel good, happy and comfortable, but for bless others.

Second. When you bless and help others, God will take care of all your needs. Thats a promise. There is nothing that He will do in favor of those who take care of others.

When you worry for help others, God wil take responsability for your problems, and that is a real blessing, because he knows how to manage difficulties better than you.

Third. Your bless share with others will return to You. The more you help others, the more you will receive back. Give and you will receive.

Fourth: When he return to you the bless, He waits that by the same way you bless others, Again...

Today I encourage you to practice everyday this 4 laws, and I guarantee that you will receive more every day.

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