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Its a Season of Giving to Others in Need

Its most wonderful time of the year, Its Christmas. For the last four years we have been part of this spectacular gift packaging. Regalo de Amor (gift of love) its an idea that born from a friend Dr, Ricardo Jaen and Jose Martinez from

Here we gather with friends, family and our kids, putting together a bag full of food and toys for people who are in need in Puerto Rico.

Every year kids are anxious to reach this time, and give to others as you see. They work hard to put together bicycles and other toys that need to be assembly with the help of adults.

This place is crowd of people, that are giving their time and their best efforts so the people in need can have their Christmas Dinner and toys for the loved ones.

For me, my family and then its a wonderful and memorable experiences that we will never forget. That is why Its a Season of Giving to Others in Need.

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