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Celebrating Christmas at La Perla giving love to those in need.

La Perla established in the 1800 means pearl, and when you think about the meaning it should be shiny and beautiful, and a one and only created. In San Juan Puerto Rico, this is a place where the less fortunate live whithin places that you wouldnt imagine exist in this times.

Chago or Santiago is the leader of this Special community. He grew up there and is pushing hard against the bad to make it a safer and better places to kids and families that live there.Sports activities and fundraisers for the kids are organize by him.

Here Praying with Dr. Ricky Jaen, Jose Martinez of Regalo de Amor (Gift of love) they are giving to the less fortunate food and toys for families that cannot afford it, so they can celebrate and have a wonderful Christmas.

A lady with her kids, also another family blessed this night. This years they will have a Happy Christmas.

Tonight a friend, me and our kids from Wesleyan academy we keep learning that giving is better than receive.

Behind us is El Morro a 400 years Old Spanish Fort of the 1400 and below inside La Perla which data from the 1800.

This time of the year, help others fullfill their dreams and happiness, because thats is the real meaning of Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone.

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