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These Lexus rims redefine 'ice cold' because they're actually made of ice

You might think the chrome wheels on your car are so cool they're "ice cold." But they're not as icy as the rims on this Lexus NX. That's because Lexus bolted up wheels and tires made from solid ice.

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Lexus is on a big push to underscore its craftsmanship. So it commissioned a team of ice sculpture specialists to fashion a set of four wheels and tires from ice.

According to Lexus, it took the ice sculpturists three months of testing to get it all right. I can't fathom what took so long to cut wheels from ice. But, what do I know? I'm not an ice-shaping guru.

Once perfectly shaped, they bolted the rounded ice blocks to the car, which were embedded with LEDs to add to the magical glow.

Before bolting the blocks up, however, they stored the car at -30°C for five days. Impressively, it fired at the first press of the ignition button.

Once it was running, they drove the car down a road in London. I can't imagine it was terribly safe, however, as ice has, well, virtually no gripping capabilities.

This isn't the first time that Lexus has pulled a questionable stunt to highlight the care with which its cars are made. In October, it had an IS recreated from cardboard.

For their next stunt, I'm hoping they'll shape an LS from chocolate ... and then send it my way.

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