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Honor Always Who took Care of You, Mom

Its Been a long Journey to who gave me life, my mother Elisa Osorio. In her beginnings she work hard two jobs. Coming from a humble home in Carolina Puerto Rico she study and work hard and sacrifice for my brother Jose Juan and I.

As a single mother, She gave us the best she could, she teach us the good way and always keep us away from the bad.I never heard her complaining, talking bad about others, she was the best human being I ever met.

My mother made me who I am. I thank God to make me her son, and to provide me with her love until 2015. She passes away in 12/28/2015 of cancer. For the past 4 years, She was a courageous fighter, simple and humble a great human being who gave the fight until the last minute.

Today, I Know she is in heaven with God, Me and my family will miss her and will never ever forget her honesty, loyalty and eternal smile and love.

Honor to my mothers birthday. Happy birthday Mom, from wherever you are.You teach, and guide us the good way.Eternally Grateful.I love You.We will remember you at your best.

Honor a mi madre en su cumpleaños.Feliz cumpleaños Mama donde quiera que estés.Nos enseñaste guiaste por el camino del bien.Eternamente Agradecido. Te amo.Te recordaremos en tu mejor momento. Mayte, Fabi,Dany, Pinky

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