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Google Maps update will automatically predict driving directions

Google Maps has a new trick up its sleeve: predicting your destination when you get on the road.

The company will soon be updating its navigation app with a new "driving mode" that uses your location history and other factors to predict your destination.

The update, which was first spotted by AndroidPolice, adds a new feature called "Driving Mode."

Here's how it works: The update adds a new "Start Driving" tab to Google Maps. Selecting this option will automatically begin driving directions to the location the app detects you're most likely to want to go to at that moment. The feature uses your location history as well as other factors like the time of day, your device information and browsing and search history (depending on your account settings) to suggest the locations you may want to go to.

For example, if you have home and work addresses set in Google Maps, entering driving mode when you leave your office would likely give you directions to get back home, based on current traffic conditions. If that sounds familiar, it's because it's similar to a feature Google has had enabled as part of Google Now and Now on Tap, which also learns your habits to provide helpful predictions throughout your day.

The Google Maps update hasn't rolled out yet, though an Android update is likely to be coming soon. If you want to get it early on, however, Android Police has provided the download, along with detailed instructions on how to activate the new feature.

It's not clear when iOS users should expect to see a similar update, though Google typically makes new features available to Android users for at least a few weeks before iOS.


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