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World View Voyage to the Edge of Space

What do you get the person who has everything? The world, of course. It may be a while before companies like SpaceX make space tourism a reality, but in the meantime you can gift one of your friends a trip to the edge of space where they can see a full view of the Earth few have every seen in person. World View Enterprises is offering a five-hour trip nearly 20 miles above the planet in a tiny capsule, lifted by a high altitude balloon, for six passengers and two crew members.

The trip brings new meaning to the terms VIP room and "mile high club" (although you we're pretty sure no intimate shenanigans will be allowed on this trip). But if you're thinking of giving this gift, you'd better be well and truly wealthy, because tickets are $75,000 a pop. And you have to put down a $7,500 deposit just to reserve a seat. Trips begin in 2016.

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