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Mercedes' Sprinter Extreme van could be straight out of 'Jurassic Park'

Well, that's slightly out of character. Mercedes-Benz's truck line, Sprinter, just revealed a new concept van at the Chicago Auto Show that looks more fitting in Jurassic Park than it does in a utility van showroom.

The mud-slathered thing is called Sprinter Extreme and it's, well, very extreme indeed.

Built in partnership with automotive tuner company RENNtech, the Extreme stands over 9 feet tall and is 20 feet from end to end. It sits on bead-lock wheels (the wheels bolt onto the tires) inspired by the Mercedes G-Class. Proving it's more than just a mean-looking van, it's been fitted with a “Tipper Bed” for extra utility.

Although it has big lights, a dump-truck bed and smoke stacks, it's actually powered by a four-cylinder diesel engine. Despite its small engine, its towing capacity is as large as its exterior: 7,500 pounds. Granted, neither you nor I care about tow ratings. Still, though, it's cool to look at.

If you were hoping to buy one like this for yourself, like all the best concepts, Sprinter won't sell you one. However, if you're looking for a mean Mercedes-brand truck, you could always buy Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mercedes Unimog.

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