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Titanic II replica will set sail in 2018

An Australian company is planning to recreate the Titanic — the ill-fated cruise liner, that is, not the film.

Projected to set sail in 2018, the Titanic II will be nearly an exact replica of the famous ship which sunk after it collided with a glacier in 1912.

The 21st century iteration will stay true to the original, save for the "modern evacuation procedures, satellite controls, digital navigation and radar systems," according to James McDonald, the global marketing director of Blue Star Line, the company recreating the ship.

The new ship will be nearly 900 feet long and 173 feet tall. It will weigh approximately 40,000 tonnes.

The Titanic II will have as much Edwardian opulence as the original, with a careful attention to detail in the recreation.

The new ship, like the original, will have three different classes: first, second and third.

The nine-floor vessel will have 840 cabins with a capacity of 2,400 passengers and 900 crew members.If you want to relive a glamorous bygone era or recreate your favorite scene from the movie, start saving.

Although Blue Star Line has not announced ticket prices, eager potential passengers have been coming forward with offers as high as $1 million per ticket.

The maiden voyage will set off from Jiangsu, China, and travel to Dubai.

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