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Smartech provides the Best Intercom solutions from Aiphone

Use new or existing Aiphone LE or NE Series door or sub stations in an IX system. Easily convert systems using older technology to a standard PoE network! Connect your sub station to the adaptor using two or three wires, the adaptor then connects to the PoE network containing the IX-MV(s). The adaptor uses DHCP to self identify for easy installation! The IX-1AS is a single station adaptor while the IX-10AS connects up to ten stations.

Features »

  • Allows Aiphone’s 2‑wire LE and NE Series door / sub stations to be used with IX-MV

  • 802.3af PoE compliant

  • Built-in door release and camera call‑up

  • Form C dry contacts

Aiphone is an established provider of intercom systems in many markets. Go to a specific market page below and see a list of application solutions, along with suggested products.

Designing for Commercial Security, Correctional Facilities, Educational Security, Government Security, Healthcare Security and Residential.

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