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GoPro launching new virtual reality camera, online platform

The race to create both the hardware and the software that will drive the emerging virtual reality market is heating up, and now GoPro has unveiled its latest plans to support VR filmmakers and fans.

At this week's NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) event in Las Vegas, the company will unveil a new VR camera and launch a new VR platform for sharing immersive videos.

First, GoPro will show off its new Omni VR camera, which features six synchronized cameras in what the company calls a spherical array, but the housing itself looks more like a rounded square.

The six Hero4 cameras, plus the aluminum rig, which is lightweight and made for action shots, will be offered for $4,999 and will allow users to capture 8K video.

The company is also introducing GoPro VR, a combination website and free app platform for iOS and Android designed to showcase VR content from around the world as well as facilitate the sharing of that content.

In the run-up to the launch of the VR platform, GoPro released a stunning sample of some of the footage that will be available. The preview footage is fully interactive on YouTube, allowing you to pan around in all directions.

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