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Chevy's Camaro SS can wirelessly charge a phone... while doing donuts

The Camaro nameplate is about a synonymous with American muscle as NASA is with space travel and the Twinkie is with indestructibility.

With the sixth-generation Camaro, though, Chevy has massaged more into the iconic pony car than just burliness. Chevy furnished it with lots of technology, too.

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To underscore that point, here are just a few tech treats offered on the SS: It can be a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot that supports up to seven devices. It can run Apple CarPlay on its 8-inch touchscreen display. And, of course, it also includes an inductive wireless charging mat for your smartphone. What's more, that list doesn't begin to touch on the performance technology available in the Camaro SS as well.

The 455-horsepower V8 engine boasts cylinder deactivation for improved efficiency when all eight cylinders aren't needed. Magnetic Ride Control suspension that reacts so fast to road conditions that at 60 mph it's making ride quality adjustments once every in of road traveled.

You can't find another car that has Camaro SS levels of technology and performance right now.

The result isn't just one of the best Camaros ever built. The 2016 Camaro SS is also one of the best performance coupes on the planet today. And that includes the benchmark BMW M4.

Frankly, though, its Jaguar-rivaling exhaust notes, BMW-besting handling and Audi levels of technology don't impress me. No, it's the the fact that is has all of those things that astonishes me — especially for the price.

The Camaro SS starts just shy of $38,000. The car we donut-ed, though, clocked in at $46,000, which is around $20,000 less than the base-level BMW M4. Ignoring pricing altogether, you can't find another car that has the same levels of technology and performance right now. You just can't.

That's the funny thing about the new car market. Until virtually this year, if you wanted accessible performance, in the form of Chevy Camaros or Ford Mustangs, you had to sacrifice technology and refinement. If you didn't want to sacrifice, though, you had to spend 30% more on a European car.

Now, at least with the Camaro SS, you can have your tech and performance, too, all at a relatively accessible price. What a time to be alive.

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