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Celebrate Your Family Achievements in Oriental Style

Life is full of moments that you need to celebrate. Today I celebrate Fabiola Candelario Lopez, my beloved daughter complete her senior year and become grads of Wesleyan Academy 2016.

I remember when she start at pre-kinder, and now she become grads completing her journey with friends in life.

As you go in life it is important to celebrate your family achievements.

After, all that is whats life is all about to create memories and special moments with them.

This day we celebrate her time and the Wesleyan Academy 2016 students in a Oriental style.

Families where gather in special place for enjoying the night with sushi and chinese food at the PF Changs.(Thanks to My Wife, Artur,Wendy and all Staff.)

For the 39 students, family, friends about 300 people that get together, We must say thank you. It was a blast experience that all will never forget as We Celebrate Our Family Achievements in Oriental Style.

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