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Ferrari just built a one-off supercar for a very lucky (and rich) British buyer

Turns out, Ferrari will make you a one-of-one car, if you ask nicely — and pay dearly, I presume.

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Ferrari just unveiled its latest creation: a one-off supercar called the 458 MM Speciale. It was commissioned by a British customer.

The car has the chassis and engine/transmission combo of the 458 Speciale. You might not be able to immediately tell by looking at it, but it features a unique aluminum body designed in-house by the Ferrari Styling Centre.

According to Ferrari, the client asked for sporty lines (no kidding) and also requested a "visor" look for the cabin glass layout. That led to the design you see above, accentuated by black-painted a-pillars that give a seamless visual transition from windshield to door window.

Take into account the additional air intakes for cooling around the car and the result is something that looks like a Ferrari mixed with a Ford GT and Acura NSX. It's not bad, but it's also not terribly distinctive.

Perhaps my favorite part of the car, though, is the stuff the photos don't quite show: the Cioccolato (chocolate) brown leather interior.

Ferrari doesn't say how much the 458 MM cost the buyer who ordered it. Really, it doesn't matter... for two reasons. It's likely more than you may ever earn in your lifetime. It's only going to go up in value — no matter what he paid, it is worth every penny.So to you, anonymous British buyer, I say, "Kudos." and "Please don't crash it."

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