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Smart and reliable people counting by Smartech

If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-efficient way to measure footfall, our video-based people counting solutions may be right for you. Together with our partners, we make it easy to:

  • Measure the number of customers, visitors or passengers

  • Evaluate and improve marketing and promotional activities

  • Optimize staffing schedules and daily operations

  • Analyze and share relevant footfall statistics

Video-based people counting gives quick answers to “How many?", “When?” and “Where?”

Real-time and historical data at any time

A people counting solution is easy to add to your existing IP network. It is based on cameras with video analytics software for highest accuracy and reliability. The camera is typically placed above the area where you want to count the persons passing by. Authorized users can then view real-time and historical statistics from any computer or smartphone.

Business and operational advantages

Many organizations already benefit from our smart people counting solutions. For instance, they enable:

  • Retailers to automatically calculate conversion rates and evaluate the results of their campaigns

  • Transit authorities to optimize bus schedules, and to determine appropriate rent levels for different locations in their stations

  • Airports to optimize staffing schedules based on actual needs

  • Museums and event companies to automatically provide visitor statistics

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