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My definition of love and cooking

The definition of love and great relationship. This day was very special for my wife and me. We decide to take a cooking class to learn from a different perspective in life.

The menu was Spiced chicken and Rice, and Tortellini and Vegetable soup.

We were anxious and interested to learn from the Chef Marylin Lopez.

Love should always be supportive no matter is working or learning new experiences in life.

This day I decide to spent fun time with my wife, to show her how important she is. Love should lift us and inspire us to be the best possible person we can be.

If you can be the best version of yourself, those around you will always benefit. Inspire others and enjoy life moments.

Every day is very important in life. That’s the secret of a great relationship, wanting the best for and bringing out the best in each other. That is my definition of love and cooking.

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