Everyday Be Your Own Celebrity

July 27, 2016

Did you know that the bigger the name, the more they get paid.

Everyday is new, and with it comes opportunity. Press Hard ( Don King Box promoter)

First focus on build and mantain your reputation. It is the start up. (Felix Tito Trinidad and Oscar De la Hoya pro Boxers)

Be everywhere and become the expert on your field.  (Roy Jones Jr. Pro Boxer)

No matter what, say yes to every opportunity and move forward. ( Javier Vazquez pro MLB) 

Be in the constant update in all your social status and websites. (Juan Chichi Rodriguez pro Golfer)

Always Try to partner with bigger personalities so you can reach (Marcos Witt Pastor and Gospel Singer) 

And Be Patient your time will come soon.  (Tim Westergren Pandora radio Founder)








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