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GoPro's Hero 5 might come with a touchscreen and brand new UI


Its next flagship action camera will likely be called the Hero 5 — and, thanks to a new leak, we might have gotten our first glimpse at some of its features.

GoPro enthusiast Konrad Iturbe posted a video on Vimeo (below) of what he claims may be the user interface for GoPro's upcoming Hero 5 action camera.

Mashable reached out to GoPro for comment and will update this story if the company provides a response.

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The nine-second video shows a touch-based interface that's unlike any on existing GoPro cameras.

In direct messages exchanged on Twitter, Iturbe told Mashable the footage, which could very well be a concept mockup GoPro is testing internally, was pulled from the GoPro app.

Iturbe believes someone within GoPro may have accidentally pushed the video out early.

The rendering shows three sections on a mockup GoPro Hero camera with a touchscreen on the back: GoPro app, Remote and Sniper. The latter could be referencing a microphone attachment of some sort, Iturbe said, but it's still anybody's guess.

When asked how certain he was the mockup was referencing the Hero 5, Iturbe shared with Mashable the below image showing the plucked file name was originally "add_camera_hero5.mp4."

The rendering itself, however, shows on-screen information such as the resolution, frame rate and field of view, and only shows 1080p and 30 fps. The Hero 5 is expected to capture at least 4K resolution like the existing Hero 4 Black.

If the rendering is any way indicative of the Hero 5's actual design, it's possible the touchscreen will do away with support for the BacPac, the LCD screen you can attach to GoPros that don't have a display. Indeed, Iturbe told Mashable he believes the Hero 5 won't support the BacPac.

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman told Mashable last year at the Hero 4 Session's launch the small, completely sealed and waterproof design was the form factor it would be iterating on for all future GoPros. Might we see a Hero 5 that looks similar? Perhaps not a square but a rectangle?

As GoPro has felt the squeeze from the miscalculated Hero 4 Session and cheaper action cameras like the Yi 4K Action Camera, which has attracted praise for its high image quality (it uses the same chips made by Ambarella, which power GoPros), it really needs a new hit product.

In addition to the Hero 5, GoPro plans to release a drone called Karma. Iturbe provided Mashable with possible detailson the drone last month. GoPro declined to comment on whether the images of the drone were genuine or not.

GoPro is also currently taking pre-orders for its 360-degree VR camera, the Omni, for $5,000 each.

GoPro's looking to expand its portfolio beyond the action camera, and drones and VR are going to be very important to its goal of helping people capture and share amazing moments.

"GoPro exists to enable great content and great content enables GoPro,"

Woodman told Mashable last year. "So it's no surprise that we invest a ton of resources into enabling great content and making it easier and more convenient, and [Hero action cameras] lighter, smaller, more invisible, effective content capture solutions for our customers."

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