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Mobile Device Streaming For Hotels Has Arrived

Your guests carry a world of content in the palm of their hands. On their mobile devices are apps like Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Showtime, ESPN and so many more. What if there were an easy way for guests to stream that content to their in-room TV screen?TeleAdapt has developed RoomCast™ for exactly this purpose. RoomCast™ provides a wireless personal area network and an integrated Chromecast media streaming device.After joining the network, guests will discover the "cast button" within all of their cast-enabled apps.

How It Works

Simple For Guests

One press of the RoomCast dial brings up RoomCast on the TV, where guests will discover a private personal area network. After joining they can open any cast-enabled app and tap the Cast button to display their favorite content on the big screen. Everything is controlled from the guest’s phone or tablet, using the mobile apps they already know and love. They can even keep using their phone for other things without disrupting what’s playing.

Simple For Hotels

RoomCast is an "over-the-top" streaming solution that is simple to setup and will work along side your existing TV system. Guest’s private information is never exposed and personal area network ensures content streaming is contained to each guest room. And yes, it works on both Android and iOS devices. It couldn't be simpler: join the room network, launch your favorite cast-enabled app and cast.

Compatible Devices

RoomCast is compatible with the devices that guests travel with including iOS and Android phone, tablets and laptops running the Chrome broswer.

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