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That's not the Batmobile. It's Ferrari's new, already-sold-out convertible.

Well, I'd wager today just became the unofficial day of the hypercars. First Aston Martin revealed its new hypercar, now Ferrari has pulled the covers — and the roof — off its newest hypercar.

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Now, if the above black, roofless Ferrari looks mildly familiar, that's because it's the open-top version of the LaFerrari hypercar that was revealed in 2013.

Like the hardtop version, this open-topper is powered by 788-horsepower V12 engine that's mated to an electric motor. All told, the open-top LaFerrari produces 949 horsepower.

Ferrari says that its engineers have modified the chassis so that the LaFerrari is just as rigid with the top off as the hardtop version, which means it should handle just as crisply while also inviting extra sun and sound from the V12 into the cabin.

What's more, designers have also tweaked the body's aerodynamics a bit so that it's just as slippery in the wind. That means the performance of the car won't be reduced when losing the roof.

I don't know whether its the fact it has no roof, its honed body lines or its paint scheme, but the open-top LaFerrari looks decidedly like the original Batmobile, if you ask me. And I'm not mad about it.

Of course, at the same time it revealed the car for the first time to the public, Ferrari admitted that it'd already showed the car to some of its most elite clients and that every one of the open-top LaFerraris it plans to build are already spoken for. Essentially, the car was sold out before the world knew it existed.

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