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Maximizing security from the ATM to the vault

Crime goes where the money goes, thus cash handling poses unique security challenges for any financial institute or C.I.T company. From collection and transportation to counting, sorting and quality control, we understand your need for reliable state-of-the-art surveillance solutions for different environments.

With Smartech and Axis’ leading network video solutions, you can obtain several benefits vital to your business;

  • Increased security and safety for staff and assets

  • Real-time monitoring of every step in the cash handling chain

  • Reduce costs for deviations in the cash processing

  • Pro-active crime fighting

Securing every step of the way

Choosing Smartech and Axis, you benefit from the market’s broadest range of network video solutions, suitable for every part of the chain, including indoor, outdoor and mobile locations such as

  • Perimeters

  • Entrances and exits

  • Loading docks

  • Counting, quality control and packaging areas

  • Vaults

  • C.I.T vehicles

All Smartech and Axis’ network video solutions are built upon open standards, making them easy to integrate in your existing alarm – and access control systems. This will help to increase the efficiency of your security personnel, as well as reducing the cost for handling false alarms. From one single central location you can keep control of every step in the process – at any point in time.

Improve cash processing and reduce investigation time

The use of network video solutions with event triggered alerts, enables quick search for the relevant video - so that you don’t need to waste time and resources looking through hours of recorded video.

Together with partners, Smartech and Axis offers solutions for integration of video with cash processing equipment, giving you extra eyes also to the automated processing.

One step ahead of crime

In any area where there is cash involved, criminals are constantly looking for new ways of breaching the security systems. And just as crime evolves, so do the solutions that Smartech and Axis provides to help you fight crime actively. You can for example receive automated alerts when someone enters a restricted area – both day and night. The anti-tampering alarm immediately tells you if someone has covered or redirected the camera and audio detection functionalities send alarms when specific sounds are produced.

Axis is also working closely together with specialized partners, offering intelligent video applications such as Facial Recognition and License Plate Recognition - adding even more value to your system.

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